The year is 2009 and it's September.

I'm a bright eyed and bushy tailed teacher fresh out of yoga teacher training with absolutely zero experience under my belt and eagerly seeking out work to share in this newfound love of yoga and teaching it.

Enter, Frank T of Sanguine Yoga.

Now, I don't know where life will take me in a year's time or in a decade's time but I will always remember, honour and cherish the fact that this is the studio that gave Kate W. Mak her first chance. I grew up as a teacher in this studio, I found my voice here and it was here that I started to understand the seat of a teacher. There have been many friendships that have formed here and many tears that were shed and many laughs that rang through the class and hallways here.

I remember the first classes I taught and how I would get so flustered, nervous or forgetful that I had my students in child's pose so many times in a class so that I could try to remember exactly what happened. I'll also remember the first time my classes filled to capacity and what a thrill that was for me to experience. Because the first classes I taught, there would sometimes only be 3-5 people. I remember even teaching to just 2 people on a Saturday morning class which near the end of my Saturday run, would fill to capacity and we even had to turn people away.

There are so many emotions that bubble to the surface when I walk down memory lane. Sanguine holds many beautiful moments for me... moments of great joy and growth, moments where I was so vulnerable that I broke down in tears, moments of budding friendships and moments of powerful and earth shattering exposure of the heart.

It has been with extremely careful and lengthy consideration that I am amicably and respectfully bowing out of the studio after nearly 5.5 years of service at Sanguine. I love you all for everything you have taught me (more than you will ever know) and for every moment of raw and amazing humanity that has inspired me so.

I will be teaching the next two Saturdays at Sanguine to the end of January and would LOVE to have you there to share, laugh and groove together. :)

Ever in your service and with so much love.


Kate's yoga teaching schedule


Karmic contracts

Life, being the way it is, will surely toss you for a tumble here and there and sometimes it feels like it takes you down to your knees. 

We all do our best to be the very best version of ourselves and move through life with grace, love and strength. But we're also humans and we will make mistakes and others will do wrong upon us as well. 

People who light us on fire and spark the soul to new levels, they are soul mates, they have a connection and there's a contract that must be served here. For the situations that hurt us deeply, it is still a karmic contract you need to repay or walk through in order to get us to the next step in our lives.

I read once that the best revenge is to live well and while I cannot disagree with that, I also think the concept of revenge is time consuming and takes you away from your own path. Everybody who comes into your life will indeed serve a purpose and it's really up to you what you want to make of it. 

People will come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 


Changes ahead...



The earliest permanant classes that I have had since the very start of my career have been my Tuesday Sanguine classes at 4:30pm an 6:00pm. I have been teaching those classes for years and remember a time when those classes would only fill to about 5-10 people. It has been a wild ride and I am SO proud and honoured to have stood by so many in their practices. There have been many friendships that were borne out of teaching that class and many forward movements of evolution for me in that room. 

Of course, none of those things are going to change and I am still going to be around the studio for my regular Saturday class at 0930, but I am extremely sad to say that after teaching those classes for over 5 years, that it is time that I am letting them go. I will indeed miss my Tuesday evening regulars and that is what will make me the saddest. It is not a decision I have made overnight and one that I considered and deliberated on for well over a year. 

I am passing the torch to an amazing teacher and friend. Erin will be taking over starting in December and she is definitely somebody to watch for in the yoga community. I know you are in the best of hands and I know that you will learn a lot from this woman. :) 

While I will miss seeing the regular Tuesday crowd... I also know that you can just wake up earlier on Saturday and see me then too! Ha! There are never goodbyes betweens friends, just see you laters. 

So on that note... 

See you later (on Saturday).


Champagne birthday and 5 years! 

This time last year, I was in a SoCal road trip with my friend Anna celebrating my 30th birthday. A milestone that I was excited for... Turning 30 in a life that I truly love was like opening the door to a wonderful decade sure to be filled with so much love, joy and new experiences.

And now, one year later... I'm with Anna again for my 31st birthday on the 31st of Halloween and we are in Italy of all places after London and Paris. How blessed to meet a soulmate in the form of a best friend in this lifetime where I get to share so many special moments of my life with! The reverberation of WOW, in full effect. Wowowowowowow!

My 3rd decade of life coincided to the lead up to my 5th year teaching anniversary and boy... It was a wild and fantastic ride. There were many high points and as life would have it, some lows as well. Definitely more highs than lows, but that is always a result of hard work, dedication and positive mind set.

There's just so much to be grateful for... Truly. Mostly, I have gratitude for the people in my life. The love, the support, the care, the smiles and the laughs that surround my life while teaching something I love is how I got here... And truly, without the wonderful people that make the kaleidoscope of Kate Mak's world... Well, it would just be boring black and white.

So cheers to turning 31, teaching for 5 years and to the continual evolution of self.


Cloudy with a chance of expectations

I can recall distinctly saying ~11 years ago (and repeatedly in my 20s) that I was saving my travels to Europe for a time when I was "old and have money". Afterall, it's an expensive place to go and while I am still spry, I should travel to the places that demand my physical ability to adapt. Makes sense, right?

A bit of background beforehand, after I had finished my BSc, I had run off to live and work in Japan for a year. There, I'd meet really important people that are still important to me today but one of them, Anna, she's like a soul sister. Anna and I have started an annual tradition where we meet each other somewhere in the world... We've had quite the adventures and in the course of the last >7 years, we've stood by and watched evolution of each other through travels, careers, joyful moments, heartbreak and break throughs.

Initially, Anna was supposed to make her way to Canada after long last. So, this trip to Europe was a little unprecedented and frankly, it wasn't something I was keen on at first. But she put together an itinerary that I couldn't say no to.

And when it was sent, there it was... Paris. I had also said, I couldn't dream of going there by myself. Way too romantic a city. I said I would go with a great love.

Upon deeper inspection, wouldn't you know it?? Ringing in my champagne birthday abroad at 31 years in a time of maturity and financial security AND I will be in Paris with a great love!!

I couldn't love Anna more and the friendship we share, is nothing short of great love.

What you ask for?? Well... It does come true.

Dream on my fellow fellows! :)

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