Happy new year!!

Happy new year everyone!! 

Wishing you all a year abundant with love, laughter and success. 2012 is going to be a great one! 

To friends I have, friends I am making and to the ones I have yet to make... I look forward to experiencing life together through the smiles, the tears and the beautiful human connection. I am honoured and proud to be a part of your life.



She's still alive...

I haven't disappeared and I haven't forgotten. 

It's important to make the time for things that count for you and so having said that... I am going to make the time and get another video out soon!! :)


Welcome to my YouTube channel

Hello to my beautiful yoga community within the city of Calgary and beyond! :)

I am so excited to branch out into social media to bring you a YouTube channel that will be continually updated here and there with answers to frequently asked questions, with tips / tutorials and helpful pointers for pain in the body, for runners with tight hamstrings, for the office worker with tight hips and of course and of course just fun ideas for your practice. 

Enjoy!! I will certainly enjoy making the videos for you! 

Love & light!! 



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