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Heart full 




As I begin to switch gears from nearly a month away in Europe back home to Canada, a pause in the schedule to reflect and to properly acknowledge how full my heart feels is imperative. Especially when I've found a quiet cafe on the streets of Bologna with a cafe latte *swoon*.


The end of September heralded the anniversary of when I started teaching yoga quietly passed and now it's been over a decade since my first foray into this world of yoga. I could not have guessed that my life would pan out this way and to say that I am blown away is an understatement when I count off all the things this career switch has gifted me. There are a lot of people and studios to thank for taking a chance on a young green teacher (I still am and have a lot ot learn), for my Lululemon family and those who took a stand for me and propelled me forward into places of growth and evolution, for key influencers for allowing me the safe space to express myself freely without fear, competition or judgement and to share what speaks to me as I grow and most importantly, to the students who graciously allow me that gift in witnessing their practice and to be given the chance to guide the class. Wow... just fucking, wow! Thank you. Truly. From the bottom of my heart.



And then when it comes to leading retreats, I am always just SO blown away that people want to spend a week with me but that they will fly across oceans and tranverse lands to do it. I really can't believe how lucky I am to be able to share in that. Soooooooo lucky! With the last retreat just finished in Italy, my heart was filled to the brim and over several times by the many people who ventured to Italy, to share their stories, to belly laugh over the dinner table, to reset and shift ourselves to the best versions of ourselves. There were many moments of connection and I just want all 17 people who came to know that every interaction I had with you is something I cherish. And those who allow me the privilege to lead you through multiple retreats, thank you so much for your trust, loyalty and support. Thank you all for the gift of you and for sharing it with me and with everybody on the retreat and in your life. <3


No year is complete without a proper gaijin reunion with one of my nearest and dearests, Anna. I wish that for every person is gifted with a friend you can pick up where you left off year after year and share your evolution with them in this life we are gifted with. No matter how busy, no matter the finances, we make it the reunion happen somewhere in the world. It reminds me that there are priorities in life that sometimes we forget about and friendship should always be at the very top. And in some sheer dumb luck, I've been able to spend 4 birthdays with her... the first one when we were young doe eyed kids figuring their way out in Japan, the second my 30th birthday, the third my 31st birthday on the 31st and again for my 34th. Wow. Thank you, Anna for your friendship and for always being that friend who is up for an adventure. 



When my feet hit Canadian soil, the first thing on the docket will be the third module to the Mynah School of Yoga's advanced yoga teacher training. This school was conceptualized in the back of my mind and brought forth by the support of so many... thank you to Jilaine and Kailey for keeping me accountable and pushing me to do this. Thank you to the first flock of trainees who invested their trust in me full heartedly in the first year this training is running. You ladies didn't have anybody's recommendation to go off of and took a great leap blindfolded into this journey with me. Thank you to all the amazing people who are so gifted in collaborating with me for this yoga teacher training... for being so open to share your gifts, knowledge and wisdom with the group. I feel so honoured that you said yes! 



The connections, the community and the adventure is barely describing the extent and depth of my gratitude and appreciation. Truly, my heart is full. 


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